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Neo-Victorian Gothic Horror meets Mecha

There is only a dim memory of a forgotten empire – ravaged by the walking dead. For centuries civilisation has clung to its lone metropolis – a tainted oasis surrounded by the bleak and scarred remains of an unknown world kept at bay by a crackling halo of tesla coils.

Life none the less goes on; day to day under a smog laden sky, along streets dimly lit by electrics, haunted by desperate souls, and regimented by rows of factories.

Society continues, a shadow of the old ways, suspended in the entangling web of tradition and aristocracy; for its own good, of course.

You are one who begins to awaken and question – something feels very wrong; as if endeavour is held back. Suddenly circumstances rip you from whatever little comfort you know, life changes for the worse, then kicks you hard when you are down.

Time to make change. Time to survive.

Putting the Punk into Victoriana.

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